Constantly revising prewriting makes a better story. Promise.

I haven’t had tons of time, but I find at least a few bleary-eyed minutes to touch my novel every day. Without fail.

I continued tweaking all the story’s prewriting. It’s stronger now. The characters’ needs, motivations, and struggles are better defined.

I figured out The Final Battle a week or so ago, then worked backwards, making sure all the story elements steered toward this big, knockout group of scenes. There’s sacrifice, redemption, and camaraderie. To make all that as emotionally meaningful as possible, I inserted clues and conflicts throughout the story.

Also, I had a hard time narrowing down the novel’s theme. But now that I have it, I played with the story to challenge it — and ultimately to champion it. “Your family is your choice.” It’s a good theme with arguments for and against. And it’s not one you’d expect in military science fiction.

Here’s PDFs of the revisions:

Story Brainstorm – updated

Act One Questionnaire – updated

Act Two Questionnaire – updated

Act Three Questionnaire – updated

Act Four Questionnaire – updated

Plot Points and Scene Ideas – revised

Also, my Notes & Sketches doc has 9500 words. Whoa. That’s a healthy amount of ideas ready to go. Next, I fill out all the Scene Synopsis cards. Those will be posted mid-week.

All the leisurely stewing, percolating, and comfortable brainstorming is over. I’m onward to outlining scenes. Then, it’s 1st Draft time!

Thanks to everyone following along. I hope it’s helpful to see the Fool Proof Outline in action!



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