Audiobook and Print Edition Links

The files are downloadable from Dropbox. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create a free one. I’m sorry about that. WordPress doesn’t allow .scriv files, and Dropbox was the simplest route. If you really don’t want to create a Dropbox account, email me at the address below. Assuming I’m still breathing, I’ll help you. Accessing the Dropbox on your own, however, gives you access long after the whole me-breathing-thing stops working out.

Also, if your computer or device has trouble with the link or the download, please email me at So far, I happily helped 100% of those who reached out! So don’t hesitate.

I encourage everyone to download the template file of your choice (Scrivener or Excel) onto your computer’s hard drive first, not your device. Unless you’re already super-savvy with the portable versions of each app, you’ll probably run into frustrations that I won’t be able to help with unless I’m looking over your shoulder.

Scrivener Template

– Follow this link here to Dropbox.



– Download the .scrivtemplate file.

Don’t double-click the file. That converts it into a text file.

– Move the file to a safe place on your computer.

– Open Scrivener.

– Import the Template. The only way to import a template is via Scrivener’s Project Templates >Options >Import template (see image):


– The Template should land among your other Fiction templates. Look for the Mad Devil image.

(Scrivener 3 users will open the above-pictured window by clicking New Project in the drop-down FILE menu.)

* * *

Excel Template

– Follow the link to Dropbox. Dropbox should present a preview right in your browser.


– Download the .xlsx file.

– Move the file to a safe place on your computer.

– Double-click the .xlsx file.

– Rock and roll.

* * *

Free 30-Day Scrivener Trial

For Mac or Windows. If you haven’t tried it, now’s a good time. Here’s the link.

* * *


Need technical help?

Go to the Fool Proof Outline contact page.

Whatever help I can give you, just ask on the site! Or you can email me directly at

I’ll post outline & drafting related updates as it goes on the Fool Proof Outline blog. You’ll get to see early all my brainstorms, outlines, and drafts in action. And then you can make all the comments you want. I’ll even take encouragement now and then!

Be well.